Bob Solimeno

My name is Bob Solimeno and I started my own company, Immersitech LLC, in Ohio in the spring of 2009. You can read more about my background here. My company name Immersitech refers to my normal mode of working: being immersed in whatever technology and problem solving endeavor that is currently capturing my attention. Back in 2009 with the “Great Recsssion” underway I found myself having my job, in mid-career with more than 14 years of service for the company, eliminated along with many, many coworkers. Finding a new job was nearly impossible. The idea for starting this company at that time was to offer R&D services to companies that could not or did not want to maintain a full-time R&D staff. I persuaded about a dozen other people (jobless former colleagues) to join me as independent contractors in offering our services. Unfortunately back then, very few companies were interested in spending any money. While we had a few clients, we found it incredibly challenging to sell our engineering consulting services.

Fast forward to the present: my friend and former Toastmaster colleague John Humpert told me about the potential opportunity for work that now is in high demand for API documentation writers. I really had no concept what this was initially. After reading up a bit and taking online coursework it looks like a very interesting opportunity and something that I certainly can do and will enjoy doing as a new endeavor.

In addition to this I am pursuing a subject area that is near and dear to my heart: Data Analysis and Statistics. I have embarked upon a training program to certify as a Data Scientist and welcome and inquiries about potential projects where large data sets are involved and analysis is required.